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We are part of nextland.

Life is too precious to spend it it environments you don't feel comfortable with people you don't connect with.

But more often than not many people spend their days exactly like that. At delodi we decided that we want to spend our times in a beautiful environment with great people.

This is why we use this beautiful 250 sqm Bauhaus Loft for our office. And it has plenty of room to share with great people.

There are three ways you can participate:

1) You need a unique and big workshop space for a day or two in order to move your team and your product into the next stage in an inspiring environment equipped with the space and the tools for your journey.

2) You need a home for your team while you are in the early stage of building your company with flexibility but an environment you look forward to coming to each morning.

3) You are a non-profit and want to host meetups or irregular workshops, work-sessions or something similar. - If we are mission aligned and it is logistically possible, we will give you the space for free.