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We started delodi because we believe in the power of using software to help make the planet a good place. There is something magical about software. It can scale exponentially with an incredible tiny physical footprint. In this sense software is very much related to ideas, feelings and other non-physical things.

By the way, we deliberately say "good" planet which is an idea we borrow from Isabel Allende who says that we need to aim for a good planet since better is not good enough: there is always the next "better" behind a "better".

At delodi we reserve time explicitly for projects that we think make a difference. We call them "Bluedot-Projects" as a reminder that our planet is nothing but a pale blue dot if you look at it from a distance. (Carl Sagan) It is fragile, precious and the only home we have - so far.

Just like with our Tesla-projects we look for partners to build these ideas into companies because we believe that it must be possible to create a business model around a problem that needs to be solved, much like our friends at the Entrepreneurs Pledge which is a pledge more than 100 entrepreneurs have signed and which says: "The Entrepreneur‘s Pledge is a commitment by sustainable-thinking entrepreneurs to dedicate their entrepreneurial gift to found at least one business that will have a positive impact on environmental and social challenges and re-invest 50% of the profits to further its cause."

Since delodi was born in 2013 we have conducted more than a dozen experiments to explore potential ways of making good on our goal. Currently we are working on five that look promising and have to potential to make a change.