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delodi is a software and product engineering company with two goals in mind: combine the passion, excellence and knowledge of our clients with ours to build software with modern frontends and create product ideas that help our clients to live up to their purpose.


//It is up to us all

Planet, People, profit

We believe in the triple bottom line. To us this means that profit is an enabler for contributing towards a good panet and happy people.

exponential growth

We believe in the exponential effects of Moore's law and the law of accelerating returns for any technology that is information-enabled.

COurage and ethics

We believe that we need to have a strong moral compass to meet the accelerating future with courage and clear action.


//unlock the difference


Compress months of ideation time into a single week in a hands-on sprint covering the design, prototyping and validating of new business concepts and products.


Gain valuable customer insights in just 48 hours to create marketing messages that reach the right target groups.

Future Modeling

Proactively envision desirable future scenarios to translate these into strategic decisions for your project in the near-term.


Whether a mobile device, a browser, VR, speech or some other way of interacting with a computer system, humans expect it to integrate seamlessly with their life.


Backends must not only be stable and scalable, they also have to be able to provide a solid foundation for any type of interface.


The times of singular solutions are long gone. Today true value is created by systems interacting with each other.


A short overview of
our Process


// with heart out of code

CLient projects

At the heart of what we do at delodi are the projects and solutions we build with and for our clients. Please follow the link for some samples of what we have done so far.


Bluedot Projects

At delodi we reserve time explicitly for projects that we think make a difference. We call them "Bluedot-Projects" as a reminder that our planet is nothing but a pale blue dot if you look at it from a distance. (Carl Sagan) It is fragile, precious and the only home we have - so far.


Tesla Projects

We eat our own dogfood. If we see a problem in the way we do our work, manage ourselves, we try and come up with a solution and create a business around it.


// to give something back to the community

Join us

Things are not done by organisations. Things are done by human beings. And before anything can be done, these human beings need to connect, discuss, think and make decisions. Much of this in a collaborative effort. This is why we love bringing people together in a number of ways and formats in order to discuss and connect around the important issues of the world. And then do. Together.

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