Our Tesla Projects

We know how to build software and we know how to makes things more fluid by using software. This helps us since we can use both to make our internal processes better and faster.

What we don't know is how to market these solutions. This is why we partner with other companies or people in order to create companies out of them. Out of principles we only partner based on a 50/50 model. We call this the "Lennon - McCartney Rule" based on the agreement the two had. As it became difficult for them to identify the author of single lines within a song or fragments of a melody and then come up with shares based on contribution, they decided to put both names on any song either of them wrote because they trusted each other and in the fact that their contibutions would be equal over time.

Our goal with the Tesla-Projects is to create more independence by means of creating additional streams of revenue from the solutions we build. And as a reminder and a little carrot on a stick we call them "Tesla" because in the long run we want them to cover all cost plus a leased Tesla for each member of the team.

It is important to us to note that we are not after trying to build fast growing startups with the aim of exiting. We want to build small, solid sustainable businesses that solve problems and provide a living for a couple of people.






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